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Rodney Fleming - Broker

In business as well as my personal life I always strive to make everyone happy. So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

Rodney was raised in Mason Texas and upon graduating High School he entered the U.S. Air Force. After Tech school he was stationed in San Angelo at Goodfellow AFB. Rodney stayed in the Air Force for four years and then he moved to Austin and worked as a manager for the Lakeway Company (managed bar operations). After working for the Lakeway Company for 3 years he entered the Real Estate world working for M.E. "Gene" Johnson in Austin. Rodney did this for several years and decided to get his Real Estate license in 1994. He went to work for Newmark Homes in Austin selling new homes from 1995-2000. In 2000 he moved back to San Angelo and worked for one of the big companies for six years. After discovering that he wanted to offer his clients lower commissions he decided to open up his own company.

Rodney is a Broker and has sold well over 100 Million dollars worth of homes over the past 26 years. Rodney is married to his business partner Leslee Fleming and they have three kids together-Matt,Zach and Megan.

Rodney was a two term City councilman for the city of San Angelo Texas.
(C) (325) 656-7777
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Leslee Fleming

Leslee was raised in Kerrville and graduated from Tivy High School. She moved to San Angelo in 1995 in order to attend Angelo State University. While in college she worked for Edward Jones Investments and continued to work with them all the way through college. She graduated with an early childhood education degree, but loved working with the public so decided to stay on at Edward Jones. In 2005 the firm went independent and became Raymond James Financial. In all she worked with the company for 13 years.

Rodney, Leslee’s husband and owner of Angelo Home Team, started this Never Pay 6% program in 2005 and it took off. She helped him take care of his clients, schedule appts, host open houses, and learn the business. In 2010 she figured it was time she get her license and come over to work hand and hand with her husband. This has been a very successful decision and she owes it all to God. She took a leap of faith leaving a great job and starting in real estate. She just knows that if you treat people with respect and do the right thing then that will show in your business. In her first year she sold over 8.2 million along with her partner and husband. After their next few years together that number jumped to close to 14 million and is still growing! She was also voted San Angelo’s Readers Choice Favorite Real Estate agent! Leslee also is 1 of a FEW CERTIFIED Military Relocation Professionals in San Angelo! She knows how hard it is for military families to have to relocate to a new base at a moments notice. She is a pro at helping them find the perfect home, even site unseen, get them settled, and even help them long term decide if it's best to keep as an investment or to make sure the home they purchase will be able to sell if only stationed here a short amount of time. This is something she takes VERY serious!

Leslee has 3 children that that she is extremely proud of. Matthew,Zach, and Megan.

She has made many personal friends through buying and selling houses and would love for you to be one of them!

Worry Ends Where Faith Begins
(C) (325) 656-2436

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